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Welcome to Earth Friendly Dirt & Mulch, Co. extensive and interactive product catalog. In this catalog, you can view all products we offer to our customers. Additionally, all products are accompanied by HD quality images so you can visually see what each product contains. Our current catalog consists of 205 products.

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Rock & Flagstone Catalog

Rock products include any large pieces of rock that are in large or cut pieces, commonly including flagstones, boulders, limestone bricks, and moss rocks. All rocks are sold by the pound and loaded with a wooden pallet.

What's the difference between patio and select flagstone?

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Petrified Wood

Buff Mexican Pebbles

Multi-color Mexican Pebbles

Saw-cut Slabs Texas Flagstone

Buckskin Arizona Slabs

Peach Arizona Slabs

Black Mexican Pebbles

Brown Canyon Onyx Rock

Black Canyon Onyx Rock

Buckskin Arizona Beam

Rose Arizona Beam

Sedona Arizona Beam

Arizona Select Moss Flagstone

Arizona Moss Patio Flagstone

Small Colorado Pancake Creek Rock

Nevada Select Quartzite

Buff Snapcut Arizona Flagstone

Classic Oak Snapcut Arizona Flagstone

Rosa Snapcut Arizona Flagstone

Sedona Snapcut Arizona Flagstone

Buff Select Arizona Flagstone

Classic Oak Select Arizona Flagstone

Peach Select Oklahoma Flagstone

Peach Select Arizona Flagstone

Sedona Select Arizona Flagstone

Rose Select Arizona Flagstone

Chocolate Patio Arizona Flagstone

Red Select Colorado Flagstone

Gray Select Arkansas Flagstone

White Select Mexican Flagstone

Cherry Select Arkansas Flagstone

Buckskin Select Arizona Flagstone

Brindle Select Arkansas Flagstone

Wister Tan Select Oklahoma Flagstone

Chocolate-Brown Select Oklahoma Flagstone

Blue-Oxide Select Oklahoma Flagstone

Square Rect Blue Chopped Oklahoma Flagstone

Square Rect Brown Chopped Oklahoma Flagstone

Ballinger Limestone Bricks

Glacier Boulders

Granite Boulders

Large Colorado Pancake Creek Rock

Red Lava Rock

Black Lava Rock

Square Rect Chocolate Brown Chopped Oklahoma Flagstone

Blue-Oxide Square rect Oklahoma Flagstone

Lava Rock Boulder

Nevada Patio Quartzite

Rosa Patio Arizona Flagstone

Classic Oak Patio Arizona Flagstone

Buff Patio Arizona Flagstone

Sedona Patio Arizona Flagstone

Wister Peach Patio Oklahoma Flagstone

Wister Tan Patio Oklahoma Flagstone

Assorted Chopped Oklahoma Flagstone

Wister Chocolate Patio Oklahoma Flagstone

Cafe Chopped Oklahoma Flagstone

Rusty Chopped Oklahoma Flagstone

Tan Chopped Oklahoma Flagstone

Buckskin Chopped Oklahoma Flagstone

Sequoia Patio Oklahoma Flagstone

Buckskin Patio Oklahoma Flagstone

Peach Patio Oklahoma Flagstone

Gray Limestone Bricks

Red Patio Colorado Flagstone

Blue-Oxide Patio Oklahoma Flagstone

1-2 Inch Chopped Oklahoma Flagstone

1-2 Inch Dark-Brown Chopped Oklahoma Flagstone

Gray Patio Arkansas Flagstone

Blue-Brown Patio Oklahoma Flagstone

Toupe Patio Oklahoma Flagstone

Shimmer Patio Oklahoma Flagstone

Buff Arizona Boulders

Large Golden Tumbled Arizona Flagstone

Large Rose Tumbled Arizona Flagstone

Peach Patio Arizona Flagstone

Rose Arizona Boulders

Blue-Oxide Chopped Oklahoma Flagstone

Red Colorado Chopped Flagstone

Taupe Chopped Oklahoma Flagstone

Arizona Moss Cobble

Sawcut Chopped Texas Flagstone

Flat Creek Rock Steppers

Moss Brick

Divingboard Moss Rock

White Patio Mexican Flagstone

Rosewood Patio Mexican Flagstone

Melon Patio Mexican Flagstone

Brown Patio Mexican Flagstone

Creek Brick

Rattlesnack Patio Limestone

White Limestone Sawcut Slabs

Small Golden Tumbled Arizona Flagstone

Small Rose Tumbled Arizona Flagstone


Round Creek Rock (2 in. - 7 in.)

Round Creek Rock (7 in. - 14 in.)

Builder Moss Rock

Waterfall Moss Rock

Gun Metal Blue Chopped Arkansas Flagstone

Big Waterfall Moss Rock

Creek Slabs

Copper Oklahoma Boulders

Small Black Lava Rocks

Small Red Lava Rocks

Santa Fe Chopped Arkansas Flagstone

Saddle Wood Chopped Arkansas Flagstone

Texas Cork Stone

Select Moss Rock

Oklahoma Boulders (8 - 16 in.)

Chocolate Moss Rock

Chocolate Moss Boulder

Two Man Boulders

Big Boulders

White Limestone Bricks

Gold/Nicotine Limestone Bricks

Three Man Boulders

Four Man Boulders

Creme Limestone Bricks

Moss Rock Boulders

Creme Patio Limestone Rocks

White Patio Limestone

Limestone Slabs

Limestone Boulders

Regular Moss Rock

One Man Boulders

Malt Landscape Moss Rocks

Santa Fe Moss Rock

Prices are subject to change without notice. Actual product may vary in color, shape, and texture from the picture supplied.