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    Earth Friendly Stone Co is your first stop for building and construction material for residential and business customers, as well as various landscaping project materials.

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    View our extensive and interactive Residential and Business catalog. You can view separate categories, sort by product type, and even sort by location the product originated from. All of our products are accompanied by HD quality images and can be viewed without ever leaving the page.

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    To help our growing customer base, we have made tutorial videos for our customers showing how to perform common landscaping and construction jobs. These videos are provided free to past or potential customers.

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    We provide various tools and calculators to help you accurately predict the amount of materials you need. Additionally, we also provide a delivery calculator to automatically calculate your delivery cost by entering an address.

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Welcome to the Earth Friendly Stone Co. website. We are a business in Humble, Texas that strives to meet its customer's needs by providing earth friendly and high quality landscaping and building/construction materials for both residential and business sales.

We provide mulch, dirt, sand, and specialize in a wide selection of rocks. Please feel free to browse our online catalog or come to our local retail center to see our inventory first-hand!

We are pleased to accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash.

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